Praise and Worship Ministry

About Us

Our team comprises of both brothers and sisters talented in both singing and playing instruments. We strive for perfection and so we meet for practice every other Saturday at 11:00am at 18 Martinfields, WGC, AL7 1HJ.

Our Goal

Worship teams are ministers and priests in the house of God whose purpose is to help God’s people enter into His presence. This is our goal each time we stand to minister before God’s people

We Believe

  • God desires to be worshipped. It is the way to his heart. A heartfelt worship will always move the heart of God
  • Praise and worship is a tool for victory as we find in 2 Chronicles 20 v 2-23.The story of King Jehoshaphat is a typical example of how God moves when his children worship him..As the musicians went up ahead of the army and began to sing, God defeated the enemy armies in a way that one can only marvel…God will take over our situations and give us victory if only we could just praise him despite our circumstances.
  • God will manifest His presence when we worship Him in Spirit and Truth . 2 Chronicles 5:11-14 when the temple was dedicated before the Lord and the whole congregation was in one accord. A mighty cloud of the presence of God filled the Sanctuary and the people could not withstand it…

We experience the awesome presence of God in our Worship services and would invite you to join with us as we worship every Sunday. You will never be the same again..