Welcome To The Womens’ Ministry


1 Samuel 1

We believe that every woman carries destiny and the aim of the women ministry is to help each woman to give birth to their individual destinies. The Women’s Ministry is open to all women from all aspects of life. Every woman is welcome, it is not a ministry for married women only, but, for all women from the age they leave the Youth Ministry. We believe that, the key for a woman to unlock her destiny is through prayer. We base our Ministry on Hannah. Hannah was a prayerful woman. Despite the challenges she faced, she knew that prayer would unlock her destiny. It is the LORD that orders our steps and it is in His hands that our destiny lies! The Women’s Ministry‘s emphasis and power is on prayer. We believe prayer changes everything and every obstacle to a woman’s destiny is cleared through prayer. We hold monthly Power-House prayer meetings for women only. During this important time in the presence of the LORD, each individual comes before the LORD with their supplications and just enjoy the presence of GOD. It is a free environment and we see it a woman’s me time with the LORD. We believe and promote intercessory prayer and we encourage women to look beyond their needs and pray for others. We also believe that every woman must know and grow in the Word of GOD. Every first Saturday of the month Ladies Meetings are held where there are teachings about been a Godly woman. We teach and encourage Godliness among the single ladies in our midst. We have individual counselling sessions for women and their families because a healthy family means a health church. The Bible also gives us an example of the Proverbs Woman, who was indeed a business woman. Likewise we encourage business ideas amongst women and support of one another’s business ideas. Our mandate as Christians is go out there and make disciples of all nations. We reach out to the community and encourage one to one connection with our local community.

When you read PROVERBS 31 for the first time, you may feel rather inadequate. She may intimidate a lot of women, as she is perfect and mostly ideal and her skills and energy is overwhelming! Surely no woman automatically has all the characteristics described in this passage. As women we would love to be equal to her, but if the truth be told, we are afraid to be compared to her, never mind getting our husbands to read about her.

“Initially I was forced to put her on a pedestal. After carefully reading the passage and trying as best as I can to put this woman in the context of an ordinary woman like you and me, I came to the conclusion that we can all achieve her accomplishments, but we have to remember one fact:

No one is born a good wife, a good mother, a good cook or a good homemaker. There are roles we get to be good at by continuously working hard to achieve. The proverbs 31 woman is therefore attainable because like her, we as Christian women draw our strength from the same source. We have Christ that strengthens us. The proverbs 31 woman is virtuous because she puts GOD first. The focus of the Proverbs 31 woman is therefore not on her abilities but her realization that regardless of her talents, skills and accomplishments her strength comes from the LORD”

In conclusion, we can see that many women today actually possess the same qualities as this woman. At first glance, it sounds impossible to reach her level of competence, but a much closer look shows us that it all comes through hard work and determination to excel. Yet above all, the need to obey GOD and to believe in His promise makes it possible for us to reach this standard.

The woman described here is a composite of many women. Not all people have the same skills. It should not dishearten us if we fall short of her standard. The lesson to learn is that, when we look and study this passage the focus should not be on her abilities but on her realization that, regardless of all her skills, her strength comes from GOD.

Who is a virtuous woman? A woman that puts GOD first in her life wishes and prays that this may also be true in her family’s life.