Arise and shine is the theme for this year taken from the scripture (Isaiah 60:1). 2012 is the year for the young people to arise from their slumber and let their
light shine and work for the Lord.

In this year we aim to develop the gifts and talents of the youth by
a)  Identifying their gifts
b.) Placing them in relevant ministries
c.) Nurturing their gifts by giving them the opportunity to use them

2.) By firmly establishing them in positions of ministry we are encouraging spiritual growth:
a.) More prayer is required,
b.) More reading of the word is required
c.) This also encourages friends and relatives to come to Revival Chapel to see them minister and hence an opportunity to meet with Christ.

3.) Have more one to one time with the ones going through situations and counselling them.

a) The older members are now facing bigger challenges from college, university and from peer pressure.
b) We aim to train and encourage them to become the pressure (thermostat and not thermometer) and not yield to the pressure.

4.) Giving them roles in the church makes them feel that they belong and keeps them engaged.

5.) Having an internet blog on the website for the youth that will discuss day to day issues relating to young people and give Godly advice for the ones who
want to remain anonymous.

6.) Regular updates on the website.

7.) Try and create a web page that sends messages to their email addresses making it easy for them to constantly log on to the website.

8.) Have youth conferences where they do most of the ministering.

9.) Have more concerts and talent shows and many other activities especially during the school holidays to keep them entertained and an allowance for more
young people to be available to attend.

10.) Have interaction with other vibrant youth groups that will motivate them and encourage them to work for the Lord.

a) Inviting and being invited to functions.

11.)  Start a dance ministry